Усе зло світу на Вілла Смітта. «Дикий, дикий вест», «Хенкок». Анонс

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Усе зло світу на Вілла Смітта. «Дикий, дикий вест», «Хенкок». Анонс

8 thoughts on “Усе зло світу на Вілла Смітта. «Дикий, дикий вест», «Хенкок». Анонс”

  1. Absolutely fabulous sword. Better product than I expected.I am looking for a short sword and tonto from the same company that produced this one!

  2. i love this blade it came sharp and ready to cut the look the the sword is beautiful im really happy with it the only thing is it saying united cutlery on the blade butt other then that is nice

  3. Blade as far as I can tell is a good quality-more practical than fancy. The sheath fits well. not the best quality but it does the job. the hsndgusrd is pretty plain,and the only thing that bothered me is the pommel feels like plastic although it is quite well attached.

  4. It’s a really nice sword, seems put together well,(solid). I would have given a five star if it would have had a blade that was better sharpened. The blade was sharp just not real sharp. But for the most part a — nice sword.

  5. Great sword for the price beautiful in every way not real sharp but sharp enough recommend this to anybody who wants to get a sword but not pay the high price

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